The Time of Blood

In a previous life I worked in the music business. I’d studied this nebulous topic in college, along with music theory and recording techniques. When I graduate, I got a job working here:

Among my better moments I got to work on sessions with Bob Dylan. I was young and naive and he was this wizened legend. I tried to appear amiable but I don’t think he paid much attention to me. In fact, I was somewhat speechless around the guy. Dumbstruck. But if I were to meet him today, I know exactly what I’d say. I’d talk about the weather and hot dogs and the price of tea in China.

As fate would have it, I made it into the rock and roll history books. I’ve been quoted by a Dylan biographer here:

More about the music is here:

Dylan and Bromberg had a different take on what the mix should be. Final credit for the production work was given to someone else, as seen on this Wikipedia page:

Let the good times roll.



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